Hack.summit challenge

Last weekend I did participated in an event named Hack.summit hackaton.


In short: the idea behind it was to code in 48 hours something spectacular and win big. I did not joined it for $100k grand-prize, but just for fun.  During this event I was part of a team consisting of 3 devs and 1 graphic artist. We all worked remotely and chose the project to be a game from start. Continue reading

Allegro meetup in Toruń

The third friday of the new year Allegro put together an event called: meet IT Toruń #1. It consisted of two parts: tech presentations and later socializing part with pizzas and sodas.


Since summer 2015 Allegro team Toruń has a new headquarter in Kościuszko Business Point, taking the whole 4-th floor.

Tech presentations were lead by Allegro developers. One by one 4 topics were covered: Continue reading

Why codility is not doing it right

This topic was bothering me for some time. So let’s move the stone, shall we?

It’s not a discovery to say the recruitment companies have no idea how to verify incoming waves of programmers. IT is a complex field of various technologies. There is no straight telling if the candidate has good coding skills or not. I will discuss the latest trend I tend to see.

Which is: Programmer recruitment process using SaaS tool, called codility.

recruiting_with_codility Continue reading

Chiba likes WP too


I did successfully moved to my new machine. And one of the pages which I’m going to maintain is personal blog. My weapon of choice is the beloved WordPress CMS. Which does have all features I need for this simple purpose.

I will mostly comment on my field of work, which is IT and technology. Although from time to time I might throw something more thrilling, as if technology was not exciting enough.