Allegro meetup in Toruń

The third friday of the new year Allegro put together an event called: meet IT Toruń #1. It consisted of two parts: tech presentations and later socializing part with pizzas and sodas.


Since summer 2015 Allegro team Toruń has a new headquarter in Kościuszko Business Point, taking the whole 4-th floor.

Tech presentations were lead by Allegro developers. One by one 4 topics were covered:

  • why should one consider learning Groovy (by Michał Tydryszewski)
  • circuit breaker pattern based on Hystrix (by Jakub Westfalewski)
  • how to plan future of a project (by Szymon Biliński & Rafał Bryk )
  • most common mistakes made during SEO (by Przemysław Jakubowski)

All presentation were shown on big projection screen and on side Big TV. I found especially intriguing the Hystrix presentation, as it presented a topic I did not touched before.

After the hunger of knowledge was satisfied we did ate, socialized and some exchanged business cards. I talked with Michał and Przemek later. I was told that this march Allegro prepares next edition of Braincode Hackaton. Braincode took place last year in 4 cities, where allegro has offices. Since I participated in it last year in Toruń I can tell it’s a lot of fun and challenge.

To summarize this post. It was worthy to show up. I will keep my finger on meetup group of Allegro.