Hack.summit challenge

Last weekend I did participated in an event named Hack.summit hackaton.


In short: the idea behind it was to code in 48 hours something spectacular and win big. I did not joined it for $100k grand-prize, but just for fun.  During this event I was part of a team consisting of 3 devs and 1 graphic artist. We all worked remotely and chose the project to be a game from start.
Week earlier we were writing scratch ideas for it. On Thursday we decided on project codenamed blitz-game.  Name does not say anything about it. So I will expand idea behind it. In our heads was a game where you have to stop a creepy monster (cthuhlu like) from eating killing living things. We figure it out we want to keep the design not being horrifying and bloody. So Scott, our artist drew little dudes with square heads and we called them Pleeps. Me, Tony, and Daniel were doing code magic to put in motion.

Our basic game scenario is following:

Fill a city with Pleeps, give them time to take the area. Give them time to make nice, cute impression, so gamer will get attached to them. Not long after from sky/ground emerges monster. And madness starts.. To give a better sense of it. Below is a concept.


So yeah, that’s how the game actors would look like!

Tool of choice for development is LibGDX library. Allowing us to publish the game simultaneously on PC, HTML5, Android and IOS. During hackaton, for the first 30 hours we were assembling skeleton of the game, learning how to put it all together with features like animation and HTML5 conversion. Eight hours before end of time, we decided this project is not going to be finished. But we liked the progress we achieved so far, we made a decision, that we will continue it in the following weeks. So stay tuned.

The project has a public game repo located here